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About Us

Port Arthur Alternative Center (PAAC) offers a positive direction for Port Arthur Independent School District students assigned to the District Alternative Education Program (DAEP). Our vision is to ensure that every student attending PAAC become better decision makers who thrive as productive citizens in a changing world by providing the necessary learned skills needed to apply in any situation they may encounter. PAAC students will learn to make informative decisions and choices that will make them successful at PAAC and their campuses.

Our motto is within our name:

Positive Behavior

Academic Success

Access to the Right Tools

Choices that Determine Futures


The belief of PAAC is to assist our students find their “true” path or course and to comprehend how their choices affect not only themselves, but others. Regardless of what choices students have made academically or behaviorally, they always have an option to choose a positive navigational path of CHANGE!