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PAAC Discipline Management Plan


This plan is a source of information for parents and students assigned to the Port Arthur Independent School District Disciplinary Alternative Education Program (DAEP). It should serve as a guide for basic rules and procedures for the DAEP. In addition to the policies included herein, all applicable Port Arthur ISD Policies as well as city, county, state, and federal laws will be followed. This plan is designed to communicate teacher, staff, and student expectations to promote a safe and secure environment that is conducive to learning.



Before attending PAAC, you must schedule an orientation to meet the campus Administrator or designee to discuss the expectations and guidelines of PAISD DAEP campus. PAAC schedules orientations in thirty-minute intervals.


PAAC’s orientation schedule is as following:

Monday through Friday

by appointment only



Students are expected to be present every day unless they are ill. Parents should call the main office at, (409) 984-8650 to report any absence from school. The student must bring a written note explaining the reason for the absence, upon their return to school. The school day starts at 7:00 AM. and ends at 2:15 PM. Students should not arrive on campus prior to 7:00 AM. All students must be picked up and/or off school property by 3:00 p.m. Students are not allowed to drive personal vehicles on PAAC campus. Students must be dropped off by a parent or ride the school bus. Missed days must be made up.


Dress Code


Solid black or white, Polo type or button-down dress shirt without logos or pockets, short or long sleeves. A solid white T-shirt or camisole must be worn underneath white shirts for boys and girls. Shirts must always have at least one button fastened and fully tucked in. Shirt must be the appropriate size for the student. No blousing.


Must be solid Khaki or black slacks/twill pants only. No holes, fake holes, rips or fraying around the hem of pants is allowed. No stripes, lettering, diagrams, designs or pictures. No spandex, sweatpants, gym shorts, capris, or shorts of any kind. All clothing items must be of appropriate size, fit on the waist, and not be tight or oversized (no cuffed pants). No sagging will be permitted. Absolutely no denim (Levi’s, Wrangler etc.) No elastic waist or joggers.

On Thursdays only, the student may wear a pair of jeans without holes, fake holes, rips or fraying around the hem of pants and a College/University or Military shirt. On Friday, the student may wear a pair of jeans and a Memorial Titan tee shirt.


Solid black or brown buckle belts must always be worn and cannot hang down. Belts must always be visible. No designer belts are allowed.

No Make Up

No foundation/powder, eye shadow, eye liner, mascara, false eyelashes, eyelash extensions, blush or lipstick/lip-gloss.


Sideburns must not go past earlobes. Long or fake nails are not allowed (nails must be under ¼ in length, no fingernail polish). Must be clean & well-groomed according to the PAISD handbook.


Must be neat, clean, well-groomed. Male and female with hair below the shoulders must tie hair up in a ponytail and bangs must be cut above the eyebrows or pinned back out of the face.


No jewelry or accessories of any kind are allowed.


All jackets are subject to search. No overhead hoodies. The jacket front should have a zipper or buttons. Students are strongly encouraged to dress in layers or wear a white, black or gray thermal top under the white or black polo shirt.


All confiscated items will be returned to parents at the discretion of the campus administrator. Parents will be contacted when students are in serious violation of the rules, dress code, or policies of the DAEP. If the parent cannot be contacted, students will be assigned to ISS pending a 3 day home suspension. Undergarments must not be visible and must be worn under pants. No shorts of any kind under pants. Students are not allowed to write or draw on themselves, their clothing, or shoes.


Metal Detectors

Students are subject to search on entry and at any point during the school day by metal detectors.



Students are required to bring any school supplies needed for each class. Backpacks must be clear or mesh.


ID Badge Policy & Procedures

  • Each student will be issued an ID badge and holder at the start of their placement at PAAC at no cost to them.
  • Each day the student will be given his/her ID Badge at check in. Students will always wear their photo ID badge on the collar of their shirt facing forward.
  • IDs should be turned in at the end of the day to their 7th period teacher. No
  • students should take their ID home.
  • The ID’s may not be changed or altered in any way. Any lost, stolen, altered,
  • damaged or defaced ID badges must be replaced. Parents will be notified in
  • writing and by telephone when their child has altered their ID card.
  • Defaced, altered or damaged ID cards will be confiscated and must be replaced at the students expense. All ID card placements will cost $5. Replacement holders will cost $1. Any student refusing to wear an ID card will be subject to disciplinary action.


Teacher and Support Staff Expectations

  • Always demonstrate a professional demeanor and self-control

  • Teach and model positive behavior

  • Establish clear rules and expectations in your classroom
  • Be consistent in implementing rules
  • Maintain a positive and safe classroom environment
  • Acknowledge positive behavior
  • Keep students actively engaged and provide differentiated instruction
  • Maintain consistent channels of communication with all stakeholders
  • Be punctual and always on task
  • Always remember, you are the professional


Student Expectations

  • Respect yourself, the teacher, and others
  • Exercise self-control and take responsibility for your actions
  • Follow all school and classroom rules, procedures, and directives
  • No profane or obscene language
  • Respect all school and others’ property
  • Be honest and do your best
  • All electronics must be turned off and not visible during the school day (cell phones, speakers, headphones, smart watches, portable gaming devices, and anything a teacher or administrator deems as an electronic device)

 Referral Steps for Misbehavior

1st - Verbal Warning

2nd - Teacher-Student Conference

3rd - Conference with the Counselor

4th - Suspension pending Parent Conference

5th - Referral to Principal

 The following behaviors warrant immediate referral to the principal's office:

  • Violent threats/confrontations/fighting
  • Drugs, tobacco, alcohol, weapons, vaping devices
  • Stealing
  • Skipping
  • Dress Code
  • Persistent misbehavior that has not been corrected through classroom management.

These offenses will warrant a home suspension for 3 days followed by a parent conference and/or a hearing for a possible removal from the DAEP to the JJAEP.


Electronics Policy

No electronics of any kind is permitted on the campus or school bus. Any electron device found on a student, WILL BE CONFISCATED AND GIVEN A $15.00 FINE. Additional days may be assigned as well. Confiscated cell phones may only be picked up by a parent or legal guardian on file. Parents or legal guardians must provide an ID in order to receive the phone. 1st offense: $15.00 fine 2nd offense: 5 additional days assigned. 

Hallway and Transition Expectations

  • NO RUNNING!!!!!!!!!

  • Walk quietly during transitions

  • Keep noise level to a minimum
  • Do not stop to visit!
  • Students must have a hall pass during instructional time
  • No food, drinks, or littering

No profanity at any time is ACCEPTABLE!

Restroom Expectations

  • Students may only use the restroom at designated times
  • No socializing in the restroom. Students are to go one at a time with adult supervision ONLY!
  • Report any spills or leaks to a teacher or administrator
  • Students will keep all areas and fixtures as clean as possible
  • Students will respect the privacy of others at all times
  • Students will report problems to the closest adult


Cafeteria Expectations

  • Students will enter the cafeteria in an orderly manner
  • Keep noise level to a minimum
  • Use good manners and respect the cafeteria employees
  • Place trash in trash cans
  • Leave cafeteria only when dismissed and with a designated adult
  • No food or drinks for a student may leave the cafeteria without the permission of the principal or designee
  • Teachers will pick up students from the gym.

Bus Riding Expectations

PAISD provides bus transportation for qualified students. Riding a school bus is a PRIVILEGE a student may enjoy as long as he or she follows rules and regulations that have been established by PAISD. However, if it becomes apparent that the student is not cooperating, the following steps will be initiated:

First Offense: The student will be warned and the parents will be informed that the student is not meeting stipulations of the PAISD Agreement. Depending on the seriousness of the offense, a student may lose bus privileges or receive other appropriate sanctions. A parent meeting will be held to determine consequences.

Second Offense: The student will be suspended from riding the bus.



Port Arthur Alternative Center

1030 Dunbar Ave.

Port Arthur, TX  77640

Phone: (409) 984-8650   Fax: (409) 983-1108